Memsource Editor for Desktop

October 15, 2019: Memsource Editor for Desktop Release v6.239.6

New Features and Improvements

Instant QA Available 

When using Instant QA, segments are run through the quality assurance checks immediately upon their confirmation.


Changes Made to the "Unedited Fuzzy Match" QA Check

The Unedited Fuzzy Match QA check has been divided into Unedited TM Fuzzy Match and Unedited NT/MT Fuzzy Match


Shortcuts for Em and En Dashes

While users can still use Alt+0151 to create an em dash (—) or Alt+0150 for an en dash (–), users can also use keyboard shortcuts to create these dashes. Using CTRL+ALT+the minus sign will create an em dash, and using ALT+the minus sign will create an en dash.


En Dashes and Em Dashes No Longer Count as Words

In order to help users get a more accurate word count, em dashes and en dashes are now no longer counted as words.


Fixed Bugs

  • Text in the In-context Preview would not always be aligned correctly. This has now been resolved.
  • When Linguists may edit locked segments was selected and Linguist may edit source was not, it was not always possible for Linguists to edit the locked segments. This issue has been fixed.


Have you come across any other bugs?

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