Memsource Mobile

October 1, 2019: Memsource Mobile Release v3.9.0

New Features and Improvements

Terms Found in the Term Base are Now Highlighted on Both Platforms

In keeping with the Editor for Web and the Editor for Desktop, terms that are found in the term base will now be highlighted when looking at a segment.

Inserting the Best Match according to Pre-translate Preferences

Now, when a segment is confirmed in the Memsource Editor for Mobile, the best match from TM, MT or non-translatables will automatically populate the next segment or the source text is inserted into the target. This feature is already available in the Memsource Editor for Desktop and Memsource Editor for Web, and the settings can be adjusted via the Preferences page in the Memsource Editor for Mobile.


Fixed Bugs

  • When using an Android device, segments that contained both superscripts and subscripts were not always completely visible. This has been resolved.


Have you come across any other bugs?

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