July 17, 2018: Memsource Release v6.76

New Features and Improvements


Tooltip Showing Full Names in Recent Items  

We have added a tooltip that shows the full name of an item in the Recent Items list in Memsource.

Longer names displayed in the Recent Items section of the navigation panel are automatically cropped. This was a problem for Memsource users who were working with items with longer names. The new tooltip means that the full name of items can be easily read.


HTML Support in Automation Widget Welcome Message

The welcome message in the Automation Widget can be used to provide instructions or generic information for the widget users. We have made it possible to customize it even further by adding basic HTML support.

 The following HTML tags and attributes can now be used in the welcome message formatting:

<b>, <strong>, <u>, <i>, <em>, <p>,<br>

Supported attributes: title, style, class


Supported attributes: title, style, class, src, alt, width, height


Supported attributes: title, style, class, href, target

Below is an example of a customized Automation Widget welcome screen:

To find out more about customizing the Automation Widget welcome message see our Help Center.

Learn more about using the Automation Widget in Memsource.


Set All Term Bases as Read Only

With the latest Memsource release, you can set all term bases in a project as read-only.

Previously, in Memsource projects, one term base had to be in write mode. When a term base is in read mode, it will be leveraged during a translation, but won’t be modified.

Find out more about selecting term bases for a project.


Limit on Records in Memsource Reports 

We have introduced a limit to the number of records returned in the reports generated by Memsource. Only the first 10,000 records will be included in any report.

Learn more about Memsource Reports.


Non-translatable Segments no Longer Considered a QA error

The QA check Target text identical with source one no longer considers non-translatable segments as identical.

Fixed Bug

  •  Dutch was not correctly recognized as a supported language for DeepL MT engine. This has now been fixed. 


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