Memsource Editor for Web

July 10, 2018: Memsource Editor for Web Release v6.121

New Features and Improvements

Support for Bi-directional Texts

RTL (right-to-left) and LTR (left-to-right) marks have been introduced in Memsource Editor for the web. These marks enable translators to define the directionality of a text segment.

This is particularly important for texts with mixed directionality; these marks allow bi-directional texts to be translated within a segment with the correct directionality, without needing to be edited in other text editors.

Included with this feature is improved support for bi-directional texts in our in-context preview; when switching between source and target languages in the in-context preview, the text direction of the preview will also be switched.


Source segment


Target segment with bi-directional marks


Insert Numbered Tags From a List

Using the shortcut CTRL+comma, users can now select tags from a list to insert into a target segment. This new feature makes handling tags even faster and more flexible.

We recently added a keyboard shortcut to make it easier to specify the tag number and position of the tags in the target segment. The list option builds on this feature as more than 9 tags from a source segment can be shown at once.

The GIF below shows the new list feature in action.


Learn more about tags.

Fixed Bugs

  • Some users experienced issues when opening LQA Comments in the web editor. This has now been resolved.


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