July 10, 2018: Memsource Release v6.75

New Features and Improvements

New API Endpoints Available

There are 29 new endpoints available in our REST API documentation for Analysis, Authentication, Job, Machine Translation, Project, Project Template, Term Base, Translation, and Translation Memory. See below for a full list of the new endpoints.

View our REST API documentation.

Find out more about using our REST API.


Full List of New REST API Endpoints:

  • analyze
    • Create (async)
    • Get analysis language part
    • Get jobs analysis
  • auth
    • Login to session
    • Login with Google
  • Job
    • Get a job’s workflow steps
  • Machine Translation
    • Translate with MT
  • Mapping
  • Project
    • List assignable templates
    • Assigns providers from a template
    • Assigns providers from a template (specific jobs)
    • List project providers
    • Create a project reference file
    • Get project references
    • Get Pre-translate settings
    • Get analyze settings
    • Edit translation memories
  • Project Template
    • Get analyze settings
    • Get Pre-translate settings
    • Get machine translate settings
  • Term Base
    • Delete concepts
    • Last import status
  • Translation
    • Translate using machine translation
  • Trans memory
    • Add target language to translation memory
    • Insert segment
    • List related projects
    • Delete all segments
    • Get translation memory metadata
    • Get last task information

Modified Import Setting Options for Non-breaking Spaces

We have been working on the HTML import setting options. Now, if you have a file that contains   (a non-breaking space) when you import that file from Memsource, the non-breaking space character will be written as a character and not become an entity reference (e.g.  ).

To preserve the non-breaking space character in HTML files, users will need to modify the HTML file import settings. Find out more in our HTML article. 

Search the Help Center from Memsource

You can now search the help center directly from Memsource. We have added a help widget to Memsource that is visible on every page. It won’t affect the way you use Memsource, it just makes getting support easier; when you click on the widget, a search bar appears. Type in a keyword and a list of top article results will appear.



You can read the article within the widget:



Not only can you search articles, but you can also send questions directly to the Memsource Support team from here:




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