Getting Started for Linguists

Getting Started for Linguists

Linguists are translators, reviewers or proofreaders and have a specified role in Memsource.

For training resources, see our webinars (registration required) or find a certified trainer.

Linguists predominantly work within the Memsource Editor. It is easy to access a job and start translating, but it is highly recommended that some time is spent looking into the features of the editor before getting started.

The first step for Linguists is profile access. New Linguist users receive an automatic email with their username and the instructions on how to set up a password. Unless purchasing the Team Start edition and issuing their own profile access as a linguist, profile access is provided by the organization the linguist is working for and paid for by that organization.

Linguists are presented with the Linguist Portal once logged in. This is where assigned Jobs are managed.

Clicking on a job opens it in the Memsource Editor for Web. This is the preferred tool as all Translation Memories and Term Bases associated with the selected job are automatically connected.

If preferred, and the Project Manager gives permission, jobs can be downloaded for editing in the Memsource Editor for Desktop. Login credentials are required to access translation resources and proxy settings, if required, are provided by a network administrator.

When a job is complete, the Linguist changes the status to Completed and the jobs are no longer accessible for editing.

See the Introduction to Memsource for Linguists under the product tab of our Webinar page.

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