Memsource Editor for Desktop

June 12, 2018: Memsource Editor for Desktop Release v6.214.4

New Features and Improvements


Auto-complete is now available in the Desktop Editor. The suggestions will be matches from the translation memory, term base, and machine translation engine attached to that job.

 This feature has various advantages. Desktop Editor users will find that:

  • They are able to work more efficiently because, from within a segment, they can immediately enter suggestions from the CAT Pane.
  • They make fewer typing errors.
  • Their translations are more consistent because they will use more terms from the TM and TB.
  • There will be fewer QA warnings about terminology inconsistency and spelling error warnings.

This feature is already available in the Memsource Web Editor and the new Desktop Editor version will work in the same way. As in the Web Editor, this feature does not support non-space languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean). The Auto-complete help center article explains how this feature works. 


Access Multiple Jobs and Accounts at Once

Memsource users will now be able to run multiple instances of the Desktop Editor at the same time. Previously, it was only possible to run the Desktop Editor in a single process, so when you downloaded and opened another MXLIFF file, this ended the previous open instance of the Desktop Editor. 

Running multiple instances of the Desktop Editor is useful for the following reasons:

  • When working on a job in one language combination, you might need to look at the same job in a different language combination.
  • You might want to compare multiple MXLIFF files at once.
  • If you have multiple Memsource accounts, you might want to run multiple instances at the same time.

Users will be asked to log in to each instance of the Desktop Editor, but the last login credentials entered are saved and will automatically appear in the login fields of the new instance of the Desktop Editor.

Running multiple instances of jobs is already possible in the Memsource Web Editor, using different browser windows.

Adjustable CAT, Search, and Changes panes

It will be possible to resize the CAT, Search, and Changes Panes both horizontally and vertically in the Desktop Editor. This is already possible in the Web Editor.


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