File Import settings


The file import options for JSON files that can be selected when creating a new job are as follows:

  • Use HTML subfilter
  • Convert to Memsource tags: To do this, use Regexp. The matching text will be converted to Memsource tags.
  • Import specific keys only (use regexp): for example ".*/title"
  • Exclude specific keys (use regexp): for example ".*/2"
  • Context note: Matching content will be displayed in the context note. For example: ../title/note if the context note is a descendant of "title", or "../note" if the note is the sibling of "title".
  • Max. target length: Matching content will be set as a maximum target length. For example: ../title/length if length is descendant of "title" or "../length" if length is sibling of "title".
  • Context key: This is for values that constitute TM context (101% match), if applicable.

Note: Context NoteContext Key and Max. target length are processed only for files 10MB and smaller.

Example: The following is a JSON example where "../note" and "../length" can be used in import settings:

	"title":"text for translation 1",
	"note": "note for text 1",
	"description":"text for translation 2",
	"note": "note for text 2",
In Settings apply:
  • Import specific keys only (use regexp): .*/title|.*/description
  • Context note: ../note
  • Max. target length: ../length
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