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Integration with TransPDF

Memsource allows the import of PDF files for translation purposes through our integration with TransPDF. This feature, however, requires you to create an account with TransPDF in order to gain credentials to use the integration. (This is similar to how MT and Frontlab work.) To create your account, please go to TransPDF and follow the instructions given there.

Please note that the use of TransPDF is free unless you want to download a final PDF of your translation. Final PDFs are charged on a per-page basis using pre-paid credits. Users are given some free credits when they sign up. However, after using them, you will need to buy additional credits on your TransPDF account page to be able to download the final PDF. The standard price per page is EUR 0.50, but TransPDF offers substantial discounts for larger purchases of credits—if you purchase 1,000 credits and above, the price drops to 15¢ per page.

After you have created your account with TransPDF, go to Setup in your Memsource account and click on TransPDF in the Integrations section. Enter your TransPDF Username and Password and click on Save.

Before importing your PDF file to your project, choose the TransPDF filter in the File Import Settings.

Please note that free previews (available in the Editor by clicking on Document and selecting Preview Translation) give watermarked PDF files with the list detailing any formatting problems and other issues that can be dealt with following the instructions given there.

Important: The Completed file downloaded from your Memsource account is the final PDF. It is subject to payment and, therefore, we recommend making your final check of your files using the previews before downloading your completed files.

TransPDF limits the number of documents in each account to 50 (though individual users can ask for more if they need it). If you have used up that limit, you will need to log in to your TransPDF account and delete the files you no longer need.

Scanned PDFs

For scanned PDF files, using any external OCR systems to convert and import files into Memsource is no longer necessary.

The TransPDF service processes scanned PDFs via OCR. If you import any scanned PDF (with the TransPDF filter selected in the File Import Settings), it is OCR-processed during the import and you may proceed to the translation of your documents immediately upon import.

Users pay up-front for the OCR processing of such documents. To do this, credits are required. If you do not have enough credits, the document will not be OCR-processed. However, that charge is the only one in the process—there is no charge for downloading the final PDF once you have completed your translation.

TransPDF processes scanned PDFs via OCR if the PDF contains scanned texts only. Otherwise, only the proper PDF texts contained in such a document will be imported.

Plain Text

If you choose the Default filter for your PDF file, your file can only be used for analysis purposes. The file size of such a PDF is limited to 100MB.

If you translate an imported PDF file in Memsource and then export it as Completed, you will get an unformatted TXT file, containing only the plain text imported from the PDF. The following warning will be displayed when you attempt to open a job created from such a PDF file in the Memsource Editor: "This is a PDF file. Translating PDFs is not recommended. Click to open."

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