File Import settings

Working with Adobe FrameMaker Files

The Adobe FrameMaker file filter by default imports files with the .mif extension. Please note that FrameMaker files version 8 till 14 (2017) are supported at the moment. The latest version of the 2019 mif will be suported soon.

The file import options that can be selected when creating a new job are as follows:

  • Extract body pages
  • Extract reference pages (pages with HTML, Headings, and MasterPageMaps page tags)
  • Extract custom reference pages
  • Extract default reference pages (pages with TOC, Reference, and IX page tag)
  • Extract master pages
  • Extract hidden pages
  • Extract hidden conditional text
  • Extract variables
  • Extract used variables
  • Extract index markers
  • Extract links
  • Extract text from XRefDef
  • Extract text from PgfNumFormat

Important: For some target languages the target font is automatically changed:

  • Chinese (Taiwan) - ZH_TW: PMingLiu
  • Chinese - ZH: SimSun
  • Japanese - JA: MS Mincho
  • Korean - KO: Arial Unicode MS
  • Thai - TH: Tahoma

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