File Import settings

Working with HTML Files

The file import settings for HTML files that can be selected when creating a new job are as follows:

  • Break tag creates new segment
  • Convert non-HTML tags to Memsource tags
  • Import comments: This will import standalone comments as tags. Note that inline comments (inside paragraphs) will always be imported as tags.
  • Preserve whitespaces
  • Exclude elements: This is a list of HTML tags separated by commas that should not be imported for translation.
  • Convert to Memsource tags: To do this, use Regexp.
  • Character entities to Memsource tags: Enter a list of character entities that will be converted into Memsource tags during translation. These will then be exported to the translated document in the same form as the Memsource tags. For example, if   is converted into a Memsource tag, the same entity ( ) will be preserved in the exported document.
  • Translatable meta tags: Use a regular expression to specify attributes in <meta> tags to import their content. (This is available only for <meta> tags with the attribute name="description" or name="keywords" and attributes="property".)

HTML default import settings

Tag Content Visualized

The tag content of the source HTML file can be seen in the Editor by clicking on Edit and selecting Expand Tags. The tags can be edited via F2.


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