File Import settings

Markdown Files


The Markdown file filter by default imports files with the following extensions:

  • .md
  • .markdown

File Import Settings

The following Import Settings can be adjusted for markdown files:

  • Flavor: The flavors of markdown files currently supported are: Plain or PHP/Python Markdown Extra.
  • Hard line break creates new segment
  • Preserve whitespaces: Selecting this option will preserve the same whitespace structure in the target document (e.g. spacing, newlines, etc.).
  • Process YAML header: This gives you the option to process YFM. When this option is selected, YAML import settings will be applied.
  • Import code blocks: This gives you the option to extract the content of code blocks for translation.
  • Convert to Memsource tags: Use regular expressions to convert specific text to tags. See our Regexp manual for more information.
  • Custom elements (converted to Memsource tags): This allows you to define the elements in your markdown file that you want to convert into Memsource tags.
  • Non-translatable blocks: Define sections in your Markdown file that should not be imported.
  • Don't escape characters: This is a list of characters that shouldn't be escaped in the completed file (for instance, #[< ).

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