File Import settings

MS Word

The MS Word file filter by default imports files with the following extensions:

  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .rtf

The file import options that can be selected when creating a new job are:

  • Import index entries
  • Import comments
  • Import hyperlink target (Use this when you want to change where a link leads. For example, you might want to change to when translating to German.)
  • Minimize the number of tags (This ignores smaller formatting differences in, for example, scanned documents. Use this sparingly—it might affect the formatting that you intend to keep in your file.)
  • Import document properties
  • Import hidden text
  • Target font (This specifies the font of the text in the Completed document.)
  • Convert to Memsource tags (Use a regular expression for converting specific text to tags—see our Regexp manual for more details.)

Please note that hidden content does not get imported. If you want to prevent some content from being imported for translation, mark it Hidden in the MS Word file.

Should your document contain any embedded objects (other files linked with the document, images, or videos, for example), the following warning will be displayed: "There are embedded objects within the document which have not been imported". Embedded objects will not be translated. See the instructions on how to import embedded objects into Memsource for more information.

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