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Linguists Working with a Term Base


Linguists can work with a term base (TB) only if it is assigned to the job by a Project Manager.

Linguists with standard user rights can only access a term base via the Memsource Editor, while Terminologists (Linguists with special user rights) can also access the term base via their Linguist Portal.

In the Memsource Editor, Linguists can:

  • See the term base matches in the CAT Pane and use them for translation
  • Search the term base in the Search Pane
  • Add a new term to the writable TB
  • Edit their own terms, as long as the status of the terms is "New"  (However, it is not possible to delete them).

As mentioned above, a Terminologist is a Linguist with additional permissions. Terminologists are able to edit or delete all terms in the term base, regardless of who created the term. This permission is set in a Linguist's profile by a Project Manager.

TBs Assigned to the Job

Linguists can see which (if any) TBs are assigned to their job. In the Editor for the web, this is displayed in the top right corner. In the Editor for your desktop, it is the bottom right corner. Hover your mouse over the icons to see more details.

  • The green TB icon indicates that the TB is connected. Hover your mouse over it to display the names of the TBs.
  • The gray color indicates that no TB is assigned.
  • The red color (in the Editor for your desktop) indicates that the Linguist is not connected to the server and the TB is not available (Check to make sure you are Logged in).
Linguist's resources

The CAT Pane in Memsource Editor

Matches from the translation memory or term base are shown in the Editors' CAT Pane. A term from the CAT Pane can be inserted into the segment’s target by double-clicking on the term or by pressing the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ the number of the CAT suggestion (for example CTRL+2).

  • A yellow-colored TB is a suggested term from a term base.
  • A greyed-out TB represents a New term (one that is not yet approved).
  • A red term represents a rejected term that is not to be used.
  • An asterisk notifies users about a note attached to the term or about usage information.
Term details in the CAT Pane

Creating a New Term in the Memsource Editor

In order to create a new term in the Memsource Editor, click Tools and Add Term. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+T in the Editor for your desktop, Alt+T in the Editor for the web) to open the Add term window. To close the window without adding a new term, click into the window and press Esc key on your keyboard.

Hint: Selecting a word in a segment and then hitting the shortcut keys will insert the highlighted word into the source or target of the New Term window.

The following attributes are available:

  • Case sensitive
  • Fuzzy or Exact match
  • Preferred (shown if two different target terms are entered for an identical source term within a TB)
  • Forbidden (only available for use in target segments)
  • Press the Add button or hit Enter to save the term

New terms added by a Linguist with standard user rights will have the status New. These New terms are indicated in the Editor by a light grey TB text.
The new terms added by a Terminologist (a Linguist with rights to edit all terms in a TB) will have the status Approved.

Add term window in Memsource Editor 

Editing Terms in the Memsource Editor

The CAT Pane in the Memsource Editor is used for editing terms.

  1. Click on the term in the CAT Pane and display the term’s details (as explained above in the CAT Pane in Memsource Editor section).
  2. Use the links Edit Source Term or Target Term (available only for editable terms) to open the web browser page for editing terms.
  3. Edit the term and Save it.


  • Linguists with standard user rights can only edit their own terms with the status New. Once the Term is set as Approved by the Terminologist or Project manager, the Linguist can no longer edit it.
  • It is not possible to delete any terms via the Memsource Editor.
Editing terms

Editing Terms in the Linguist Portal

A Terminologist can access the term base from their Linguist Portal, and they can search, edit, and delete terms directly in Memsource. This feature is not available for Linguists with standard user rights.

Term base in Linguist's portal
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