June 5, 2018: Memsource Release v6.73

New Features and Improvements

Penalizing 101% TM Matches by 1%

If you have multiple translation memories assigned to a project, you may want to penalize the matches of one TM over another. This alters, for example, the order of matches in the Editors’ CAT pane (see Setting Penalties for Translation Memories). Previously, penalties were applied to a whole TM. Now, a 1% penalty can be applied to only 101% (in-context) matches within a TM. This new option can be selected from the penalties section when you attach TMs to a project.

This option is useful if, for example, you would like a Linguist to decide which 101% match from different TMs should be used in a translation. The penalty will mean that none of the in-context matches are inserted automatically into the target segment if the text is pre-translated.

Find out more about working with translation memories in Memsource.


Improved Visualization of Project Page Sections

You will now be able to see the number of term bases, jobs, quotes, analyses, and references on the project page when those sections are minimized.

Fixed Bugs

  • When a Vendor edits the project settings in a shared project with different MT engines for different target languages, those MT engines will no longer be deselected when the new settings are saved.
  • Because of some changes we made to our MT engine setup, for a while it wasn't possible to add MT engines to a project when using Microsoft Edge. This has been fixed.
  • Now, if you search for and export Hiragana or Katakana symbols from a translation memory via API, the segments containing those symbols will be exported. Previously, there was a bug that prevented the segments from being exported properly. Kanji symbols were unaffected by this bug.


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