Common Translation Interface (COTI)

Setting Up and Using COTI with Memsource

COTI is an interface developed by DERCOM (Associated of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems) for data exchange between authoring systems and translation systems.

COTI has three levels and Memsource supports level 2. The difference between this and level 1 is that the data exchange is automatic via exchange folders, while the level 3 data exchange is via web services (API).

To use COTI with Memsource, you will need to generate a COTI package from your CMS. There will be something like an “Export selected content as COTI archive” function. This action will generate a COTI file within your exchange folders. This is all explained in the COTI specification (available for download from the DERKOM website).

Monitoring Exchange Folder For Changes

The exchange folder for the exported COTI files needs to be linked to one of our supported connectors through the COTI Project Creation feature. We have connectors for a range of repositories, including FTP and Google Drive. Find out more on our Integrations page.

Once you have configured the online repository connector, you need to set up the COTI Project Creation feature.

Go to the main Setup and click COTI Project Creation in the Automation section. Click on New and enter your information. When you click Select remote folder, choose the connector you have just set up and select the folder where the exported CMS files are saved.

Note: The COTI settings should be adjusted so that the exchange folder is monitored at regular intervals. When you have completed all the fields, click Save.

Downloading COTI Archives and Project Creation

When a new COTI file is detected in the exchange folder, Memsource will automatically download and analyze it. If it is recognized as a valid COTI archive (as set out in the DERCOM COTI specifications, Chapter 4—Translation package definition), a new Memsource project will be created.

Make sure that the COTI file is imported correctly by checking in the Memsource Editor. If there is an issue in the Editor for the web, you will need to create a Project Template and adjust the import settings to address the issue.

The project's properties (for example, source and target languages) are defined by the COTI file. It contains metadata that is extracted and used to set up the project.

The number of jobs in the Memsource project will depend on the number of translatable files in the COTI archive. In addition, it can contain reference files that are attached to the project. Reference files are not translated.

Translating the COTI Files

The file or files must then be translated. This can either be done manually or using pre-translate with a translation memory and machine translation matches.

Once the translation of the project is complete, Memsource will automatically re-build the original COTI archive with the translated files. The archive is a zip file with a .coti extension. The completed COTI archive is then uploaded back to the exchange folder.

Your CMS will detect this upload, unpack the COTI archive, and import the translation.

The video below shows how to set up and use COTI.