Memsource Mobile for Project Managers

Creating New Projects and Adding Jobs in Memsource Mobile

Create a New Project

To create a new project, select the plus (+) sign on the Project Dashboard. You can choose to create a new project from scratch or use a template.

The Mobile App offers a streamlined version of the Project Setup page that includes only the essential settings.

Note: To modify the additional project settings, such as Machine Translation Engine, Analysis, and Pre-translation, you will need to go to the Memsource Editor for either the web or your desktop.

The moment you save the new project, it will be visible within the Memsource Editor.

Add a New Job

Select the plus (+) button from the within the project that needs a job. The Add Resource section will appear. Once you select Add Job, you will be taken to the New Job screen. 


Tip: You can create a new job directly from an email attachment or add a file from another app.

If you are using an iOS device, you can share the file with Memsource. On an Android device, you can open the file with the Memsource app.


Adding a file from an iOS device                                      Adding a file from an Android device


After you add a file, you can adjust the job settings. For example, if your project has multiple target languages, you can select which target languages are required for that job. You can then decide on the Linguists or Vendors for each of the chosen languages. The list of Linguists and Vendors that appears is based on the accounts associated with your organization’s account.

Supported File Types

The mobile app supports the following file types:

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML/XML, and plain text.

There are file import settings available for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. They are the same as the settings in your Memsource account.