Memsource Editor for Desktop

May 15, 2018: Memsource Editor for Desktop Release v6.213

New Features and Improvements

Insert Tags Using Shortcut With Tag Number

Memsource users can now specify the tag number and position of the tag in the target segment by selecting CTRL+ALT+ Tag Number (or Cmd+Option+Tag Number if using a Mac).

This new shortcut makes handling tags a lot more flexible and faster.  Up until now, the only options for handling tags were to use the shortcut F8 (or to select Insert Tag from the Edit menu) to add the numbered tags into the target segment in the same order as the source text, or manually copy and paste the tags.

Now, users can add tags to the target segment in any order. To insert a paired tag, you can either insert them one after another, or you can highlight both parts of the paired tag by pressing the keyboard shortcut together with the respective tag number.


Update: 18 May 2018


Fixed Bugs

  • Hotfix: After a QA request has timed out, the Desktop Editor will reconnect to the server without the file needing to be reopened. 


Update: 25 May 2018 

Further work was required on the Hotfix above and a new version of the Desktop Editor, v6.213.3 was released. 


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