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Memsource Translation Plugin for TMGMT

The Memsource Translation Plugin for TMGMT supports both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8. It can be used to translate all Drupal text elements supported by the TMGMT module.

To use Memsource with TMGMT

  1. Install the TMGMT module on the Drupal site.
  2. Install the Memsource Translation Plugin for TMGMT available here:

Once installed, the Memsource Plugin will be available in the list of providers.

Add Memsource as a Translation Provider

Drupal 7 Drupal 8
  1. Log into the Drupal 7 account with the TMGMT plugin installed.
  2. Navigate to Configuration and click Translation Management Translators under the Regional and language section.
    The Translation Management Translators screen opens.
  3. Click on Add Translator.
  4. Add a label name and description.
  5. Under the Translator plugin, select Memsource Connector for Drupal.
    Memsource specific settings are displayed and the Memsource Home URL field is pre-populated with
  6. Enter Memsource username and password.
  7. Optional: Specify the Remote Languages Mappings. This allows the mapping of Memsource languages with ones available on your site (as configured in Languages under the Regional and language section).
  8. Click Save translator
    Translator configuration is created

Translate Content in Memsource

Drupal 7 Drupal 8
  1. In the Drupal account, click the Translation menu item and select the Sources tab
  2. Check the checkbox next to the content to be translated.
    Note: If document not visible, verify document language is set to source language.
  3. Click Request translation button.
  4. Choose the target language.
  5. In the dropdown list, under Translator, select the Memsource configuration.
  6. Wait for the Checkout settings to load and choose your Project template.
    Note: Only project templates that match your source language and include all target languages are listed.
  7. Click Submit to translator.
    Translation project is created in Memsource based on the chosen project template.
  8. Wait for the translation to complete in Memsource.
  9. Click the Translation menu item and on the Jobs tab select the document that has been completed.
  10. Click the manage link for the given document.
  11. Click the Pull translations button.
    Translations are received back from the Memsource project.
  12. Review if necessary.
  13. After review, translations can be published.

Memsource Translation Plugin for Drupal

The Memsource Translation Plugin for Drupal 8 and the connector feature allowed content managers to import Drupal posts, pages, and any text set as "translatable" in the Drupal 8 settings into Memsource for translation. This integration option is considered legacy.

Important: The Memsource Translation Plugin for Drupal will be disabled in June 2020. It will no longer be possible to create a new Drupal plugin configuration from November 19th, 2019. It is recommended that all current users of this plugin use the highly configurable Drupal TMGMT module (see instructions above).