Admin Setup

LQA Settings

The Language Quality Assessment (LQA) feature of conversations in Memsource Editors is available to all users of Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

Administrators and Project Managers with unlimited user rights can customize the types of LQA warnings that will be available in a project. In the main Setup (the "gear" icon), navigate to the Project Settings section and LQA Settings.

  • Each of the categories of warnings contains subcategories to further specify the issues found.
  • Numeric values can be set for each of the severity levels.
  • LQA can be enabled for each individual Workflow step in the Workflow Steps settings.

The following LQA categories and subcategories are currently available:

  • Accuracy
    • Addition
    • Omission
    • Mistranslation
    • Over-translation
    • Under-translation
    • Untranslated
    • Improper exact TM match
  • Fluency
    • Punctuation
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Grammatical register
    • Inconsistency
    • Link/cross-reference
    • Character encoding
  • Terminology
    • Inconsistent with termbase
    • Inconsistent use of terminology
  • Style
    • Awkward
    • Company style
    • Inconsistent style
    • Third-party style
    • Unidiomatic
  • Design
    • Length
    • Local formatting
    • Markup
    • Missing text
    • Truncation/text expansion
  • Locale convention
    • Address format
    • Date format
    • Currency format
    • Measurement format
    • Shortcut key
    • Telephone format
  • Verity
    • Culture-specific reference
  • Other