Project Management

Download Files

The Download button in the Jobs section of the Projects page allows users to download the following:

  • The original file
  • The bilingual file in the following formats:
    • MXLIFF
    • DOCX
    • TMX
  • The completed file
  • Export to Online Repository  (available only for files imported from Online repositories.)


  • Providers (Linguists and Vendors) have restricted access to their Completed jobs. Only Bilingual MXLIFF files can be downloaded and only as Read-only files.
  • Providers can have their access restricted by a Project Manager in the project's Access and Security section.

When downloading multiple original or completed files at once, they will be automatically zipped. In multilingual projects, the ZIP will have a special language structure: one folder for each target language.

For best results, we recommend extracting zip files with WinZip, WinRAR, or Total Commander. With the Windows internal zip utility, file names sometimes become garbled after being extracted.

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