Project Management

Editing a Job's Parameters

In each project's Job section, you'll find an Edit button that allows for editing job information in single or multiple jobs at once. To edit multiple jobs at once, select all the jobs you wish to be edited and hit the Edit button.

The following information can be edited:

  • Provider
  • Status (Please note that when set to Completed by Provider or Delivered, any changes by Linguists or Vendors are blocked on the server.)
    • New
    • Emailed to Provider
    • Accepted by Provider
    • Declined by Provider
    • Rejected by Provider (This is only available for Ultimate and Enterprise editions. Rejected by Provider will return the job to the previous Workflow step if, for example, a proofreader thinks the translation is not good enough and needs redoing.)
    • Completed by Provider (Please note that changes by Linguists or Vendors are blocked on the server.)
    • Delivered (Changes made by Linguists or Vendors are blocked on the server.)
  • Due

Editing Multiple Jobs


When editing multiple jobs, you can disable certain form fields by clicking the x on the right-hand side. Doing this for any field means that the field will be hidden and will remain unchanged. For example, when you need to change the status of the jobs assigned to different Providers, disable (or hide) the Provider field, change the Status and Save it. The Status will then be changed for all the selected jobs while the Assigned Linguists or Vendors will remain unchanged.

When multiple jobs are selected for editing, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark will be displayed. There will also be a tooltip reminder stating that the values will be overwritten for all selected jobs.

Assigning Jobs to Providers

To assign jobs to a Linguist or Vendor, select the jobs, and click on the Edit button. Select one or more Providers and click on Save.

Relevant Providers


The Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions will help suggest relevant Providers when available. A Provider will pop up as relevant when some of the project and/or job attributes match the Provider's attributes. These include:

  • Source and target languages
  • Workflow step
  • Client
  • Domain
  • Subdomain
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