Getting Started Guide for Project Managers

Lesson 4: How to Create and Manage Users

Note: You will not be able to add new users if you have a Personal account. If you need to add other users, you will need to upgrade your account.


Once you've added your translation resources, it's time to create users. This is where you'll add Project Managers, Linguists, Vendors, etc.


Step 1: To create a new user, go to the Users section and click the New button or use the plus sign (+) in the navigation panel. Note that the first time you click on the Users window, you will have one user already set up (yourself). 


Step 2: To add a new user, complete the following mandatory fields:

  • First name: Enter your new user's first name.
  • Last name: Enter the user's last name
  • Email: Enter your user's email address. You'll need this to send notifications about projects and to let your user know about work that needs to be completed.
  • Username: Create a unique username here. Since there cannot be two Memsource users with the same username, a warning message will appear if the username is already in use.
  • Password: Set a password for the user. This password will be temporary, and the user will be instructed to change it when logging in for the first time.


Step 3: Select the appropriate Role. 

  • Administrators have the most user rights. All organizations need to have at least one administrator.
  • Project Manager accounts are almost identical to Administrator accounts, but the user rights can be customized to provide the desired level of access and visibility.
  • Linguist accounts are designed for translators and don’t include any project management features.
  • Guest accounts can be provided to users outside your organization to allow close collaboration on certain projects.
  • Submitter roles can be used by clients who prefer submitting and receiving translation jobs through a dedicated Client Portal and have access to Analytics dashboards.


Step 4: You can specify additional settings such as allowing the new user to edit all terms in your TB or TM, enable the use of machine translation, and set the user to Active.


Note: The Team Start, Team, and Ultimate editions all have a maximum number of Linguists that can be active for your account. Setting some users to Inactive when they are not working on projects can help ensure that you are under that limit.


Step 5: Click Create at the bottom to complete the setup of the user account. 


Note: When a new user is added to an organization, an email will be sent to them automatically which contains their username and a link for creating a password. 


To find out more about creating and managing users in Memsource, see User Management.

 To see a demo of this process, watch the video below.



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