Getting Started Guide for Project Managers

Lesson 5: How to Create Jobs

Prev_arrow.png Lesson 4: How to Create and Manage Users    

With your users added, you can start uploading and preparing your files for translation. 


Note: You will need to have already created a project into which the files can be uploaded. You can learn more about creating and working with projects in Lesson 1.

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Step 1: Open your previously created project and click New in the Jobs section (all imported files for translation are referred to as jobs in Memsource).


Step 2: To upload files, you can either Choose Files from your computer or Add from Online Repository using one of the Memsource connectors. Multiple files can be uploaded at once.


Step 3: Select Linguists or other Vendors to be automatically assigned to specific language pairs and set the due date. You can assign one or more Linguists or Vendors.


Step 4: Enable the Notify linguists option to automatically notify the assigned Linguists once the files are uploaded. You can set up the notifications to go to all your translators at once, or have them staggered. If, for instance, you set the Interval to be 10 minutes, each successive translator will be notified 10 minutes after the one before.


Step 5: Customize the File Import Settings if the files need to be processed in a specific way. This can be used for things such as importing comments from MS Word documents, hidden slides in PowerPoint, sheet names for Excel files, etc.


Step 6: Click the Create button to complete the setup and upload the files into the project.


Note: You can adjust the assignments of Linguists at any time by selecting the specific job and using the Edit button. To send a notification, select the desired job by checking the box on the left. Then click the Tools button found on the Jobs header and use the Email option.


The next step is the translation of the jobs in the Memsource Editor. To find out more about this, see the How to Translate in the Memsource Editor article. 


To save the translated file in its original format, go to Download > Completed File in your project.



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