Services are used in Automation Widgets and in Automated Project Creation. Their purpose is to prepare settings for the automatically created projects.

In order to set them up, go to Setup, scroll down to the Automation section and click on Services.  Click on New and specify:

  • A public and private name
  • Type of service (Only “Professional translation” is available at the moment.)
  • Source and Target languages
  • Project Templates: You can select appropriate Project Templates that should be used when this Service is selected. You can only add templates with languages fitting the Service languages. If multiple templates are selected, the system will select the one that best fits the selection from the Service. For example, an EN->DE template will not be used for EN->FR translations. The Workflow steps in the template must also be set in the service.
  • Buyer (if this Service will be used by a specific Buyer)
  • Billing Unit (Page/word/character)
  • Net Rate Scheme
  • Due Date Scheme - the Due Date will be automatically calculated (The Date Picker will be disabled in public Automation Widget page.)
  • Job Due Date (choose between "Manual" and "Equals project due date")
  • Select Price List
  • Workflow Steps (if available in your edition) - Select the workflow steps through which your Service should be processed. For instance, you could select just "Translation" as the workflow step, or you could select "Translation" and "Revision" if this is what you provide for these types of projects. Memsource projects created via this Service will have the workflow steps that you select. The workflow steps in the Service must contain the same steps (or more) in the Project Template.