Memsource Legacy API

Memsource Legacy API - File Type List


Memsource Legacy API will be deprecated in September 2020. It is disabled for all new organization accounts created after May 7th 2019.
Please use Memsource REST API instead.

Below is the list of enums used as fileFormat value in /job/create API:

Value File Type
mif Adobe FrameMaker
icml Adobe InCopy
idml Adobe InDesign
android_string Android String Resources
plist Apple Property List
chrome_json Chrome JSON
csv CSV
desktop Desktop Entry
dita DITA
docbook DocBook
epub EPUB
html HTML
mac_strings iOS Strings
joomla_ini Joomla INI
json JSON
magento_csv Magento CSV
mqxliff MemoQ XLIFF
mozilla_properties Mozilla Properties
xls MS Excel
ppt MS PowerPoint
doc MS Word
multiling_xls Multilingual MS Excel
multiling_xml Multilingual XML
pdf PDF
php PHP
po PO gettext
properties Properties
sdlxliff SDL XLIFF
srt SRT Subtitles
sub SubViewer
svg SVG
tmx TMX
ttx Trados TTX
ts TS
plain_text TXT
wiki Wiki
windows_rc Windows RC Resources
resx Windows RESX Resources
wpxliff Wordpress XLIFF
xlf XLIFF 1.2
xlf2 XLIFF 2.0
xml XML
xml_properties XML Java Properties
yaml YAML
sbv YouTube Captions (SBV)
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