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Split File

Splitting a file is useful when the file needs to be translated by multiple Linguists. In this way, each Linguist gets their own "virtual" file for translation. Splitting a file has no effect on the resulting completed target file.


To do this, use the Split File... command under the Tools menu in your Memsource project.

Memsource offers these methods of splitting:

  • Into x parts - Each part will have the same number of characters.
  • Every x segments - The new files will have X segments each (plus the last file with the remaining segments).
  • Enter segments of your choice - With this option, you will be able to choose the segments (separated by comma), after which a new file should begin. Please note that the job will be split based on the job's initial segmentation (see below).
  • Every x words - The file will be split into parts with wordcounts stated. Please note that the segments are not split, and the wordcounts of the separate parts may be slightly higher depending on the segments.
  • By document part - This option is available for PowerPoint files only. Every slide will become an individual part.


Important: The Split file action cannot be undone, but it is possible to view all the files together in the Editors (please see this Join Files article for details).


You can either choose to split the file for only a certain step in your workflow, or you can tick Split file in all workflow steps which will split the file for the entire workflow.

  • Files split in a single workflow step can no longer be split for all other steps, but it is possible to split the file further in the given workflow step. 
  • Files split for all workflow steps can still be further split either for the entire workflow or just for any one of the workflow steps of the project. 

Be sure to split the file before assigning the Job to a Vendor.


Job's Initial Segmentation 

This segmentation refers to the state in which the file was imported. If there are any segments joined or split manually by the users, the Split File... function will still work with the original segments' numbers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see the original segment numbers in the Editors.


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