Linguist Portal

Linguist Portal

The Linguist Portal is part of the Team Start, Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions. This page is where Linguist users manage translation jobs assigned to them by, for example, translation agencies.
Typical tasks enabled for Linguists via the Linguist Portal include:

  • Accepting translation jobs.
  • Translating jobs in the Editor for Web.
  • Downloading bilingual MXLIFF files to start translating in the Editor for Desktop.
  • Viewing a wordcount analysis, including any net rates, if applied.
  • Virtually joining multiple files into a single one.
  • Marking translation jobs as Completed by Linguist.
  • Searching and editing term bases related to their jobs.

Jobs View

Translation jobs assigned to the linguist are presented in a table with acceptance buttons and filtering options. Information about the jobs is presented in columns that can be used to sort the jobs. Columns can be customized and saved. If a linguist is removed from a job, it will not appear in the list.

In the Jobs View the Linguist can:

  • Change the job's status.
  • Click on the job's name to open the job in Memsource Editor for web.
  • Click on the project's name to open the project and access all the project's tools, such as download files, pre-translate, view Analysis, TM/TB, etc..
  • Filter the jobs list.

Main Filter options

  • All: All jobs, current and past.
  • Accepted Work: Translation jobs that have been accepted by the Linguist and have not yet been completed.
  • Completed Work: Translation jobs that have been marked as Completed by Linguist. Once set to Completed, the job is no longer editable for the Linguist, but can still be opened as Read-only. Linguists still can add or reply to a comment in the Conversation in jobs marked as Completed.
  • New Work: Jobs that have not been accepted by the Linguist are displayed here. The Status field can be used to accept or decline translation jobs.

Projects View

Projects associated with the linguist are presented in a sortable list. 
Click on a project to view Project Details:
  • Translation Jobs.
  • Wordcount Analysis (if assigned to the Linguist by the PM).
  • Quotes (if assigned to the project)
  • Translation Memory (if assigned to the project).
  • Term Base (if assigned to the project).
  • Reference files (if assigned to the project).

When Linguists change a job's status, their Project Manager is sent an email notification based on email templates

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