Linguist Portal

Linguist Portal

The Linguist Portal is part of the Team Start, Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions. It is a self-service zone for Linguist users in which they can manage translation jobs that have been assigned to them by, for example, a translation agency. Typical tasks that are enabled for Linguists via the Linguist Portal include:

  • Accepting a translation job.
  • Translating a job in the Editor for Web.
  • Downloading a bilingual MXLIFF to start translating in our Editor for Desktop.
  • Viewing a wordcount analysis, including any net rates, if applied.
  • Virtually joining multiple files into a single one.
  • Marking translation jobs as Completed by Linguist.
  • Searching and editing term bases related to their jobs.


Linguist Portal Overview

Translation jobs are organized into three tabs:

  • New: Jobs that have not been accepted by the Linguist are displayed here. The Linguist has to use the button Change Status to accept or decline translation jobs.
  • Accepted: This tab lists projects with translation jobs that have been accepted by the Linguist and have not yet been completed.
  • Completed: This tab lists projects with translation jobs that have been marked as Completed by Linguist. Once the job is set to Completed, it is no longer editable for the Linguist, but it can still be opened as Read-only. Linguists still can add or reply to a comment in the Conversation in jobs marked as Completed.


  1. If there is no job under a tab, the tab is not displayed.
  2. If your Project Manager removes you from a job, it will no longer be listed here.
  3. Jobs are grouped into projects. If one job from a project is Accepted and one job is New, the project will be listed under the New tab.

Project Details

Project Details

In the Project Details, the Linguist can see:

  • The jobs for translation.
  • The translation memory of the project (if one has been assigned to the project).
  • The term base of the project (if one has been assigned).
  • The wordcount analysis (if one has been assigned to the Linguist by the PM).
  • Reference files (if any have been assigned to the project).

Whenever a Linguist changes a job's status, the appropriate Project Manager will be sent an email notification, based on pre-configured email templates. The Project Manager can notify Linguists of new jobs assigned to them via the Email sub-menu, located under the Download button in a Memsource project.

The Linguist Portal also includes a Useful Links section, which directs the Linguist to important information resources, such as the Getting Started Guide for Linguists, information about Memsource Editor for Web, or the Memsource Editor User Manual.