Legal, Data Storage and Security

Data Storage


This article covers the practical aspects of data storage in Memsource. The legal aspects are covered by our Terms of Service and the security aspects are covered by our Security Statement.

Data in the Recycle Bin

Data in the recycle bin is stored for 30 days and is consequently deleted permanently. The recycle bin can also be purged immediately if required.

Project Storage

  • Projects that are inactive (no new jobs added or current jobs not updated) for 12 months are automatically deleted by the system (a warning message will be displayed 6 months prior to its deletion on the project page). When a project is deleted, the project's jobs, analyses, and reference files are also deleted and will be stored for 30 days in the recycle bin after which they will be permanently deleted. The translation memories and term bases selected for the project are not deleted.

  • Lifetime of shared projects is controlled by criteria from the buyer's end. Once a shared project is no longer available in the buyer's profile, it also disappears from the vendor's organization.

  • The Privacy Notice details how other data is stored.

Extending the Project Lifetime

The creation of a new job within a project or the modification to the underlying job file (manually or via API) within a project extends the project lifetime.

Project Age Definition

A project's age (how old a project is) is based on the project creation date.

Translation Memory Storage

With a few exceptions, translation memories are stored permanently unless deleted by users.

Deletion of Translation Memories from Expired and Unused Profiles

Translation memories are deleted from Memsource profiles that have expired for at least 6 months (the account has not been logged into for at least 6 months).

Deletion Process:

  • If a profile has been expired for at least 6 months, the administrator user of the expired profile will be notified by email that the profile’s translation memories will be moved to the profile’s recycle bin.

  • The administrator user can disregard the message and the translation memories will be deleted permanently from the recycle bin after 30 days. To avoid deletion, the administrator user may log into the profile, extend the subscription and restore the translation memories from the profile’s recycle bin.

Term Base Storage

The policy for term base storage is the same as the policy for translation memory storage.

Data Backup

Memsource carries out a system-wide data backup on a daily basis. Users may back up data in the following ways:

Manual Data Backup

To backup essential project data, download the following:

  • Original files

  • MXLIFF files (or a single MXLIFF joined file)

  • Completed files

Automated Data Backup

Users with the Ultimate edition and higher can use Memsource APIs to automate data backup.

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