Memsource REST API

Introduction to Memsource REST API

Memsource offers a set of API calls which allow for:

  • Integration of Memsource and any third party software (translation management tools, CMSs, etc.)
  • Development of a translator's workbench. In fact, Memsource Editor is built on top of public APIs.
  • Creation of a brand new tool or service which uses Memsource in its backend.

Getting Started

To start using Memsource REST APIs, you will first need to sign up for the Memsource Developer Edition. Find out more in this Getting Started article.

API documentation 

The Memsource REST API documentation is available on this dedicated site. It is automatically generated and can be downloaded and exported. 

See the following articles to find out about Memsource REST API Technology and Memsource REST API Authentication

If you are already using the Memsource Legacy API, you can access the documentation in the  Memsource Legacy API section. 

The following articles are particularly important: 

Memsource Legacy API - Data Types 

Memsource Legacy API - Error Codes 

Memsource Legacy API - Webhooks

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