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The Home Page is available for Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions. It provides easy access to pre-defined Analytics and selected Automation Widgets. The content of the Home Page can also be customized (dashboards and widgets can be added or removed).

On the Home Page, you can add and arrange dashboards according to your preferences. When you select Add Dashboard at the top of the page, you are presented with nine dashboard options: Providers, Jobs, Issues, Costs, Savings, Leverage, Machine Translation, Automation Widget and Words.

Benefits of the Analytics Dashboards

For Translation Agencies: Analytics Dashboards allow you to see an overview of current projects’ statuses, your team’s productivity, and the savings from Machine Translation and translation memories.

For Translation Buyers: Analyze costs per Vendor, see a status overview of all your current projects, and generate localization ROI reports.

Export data: Each chart can be downloaded as CSV file by clicking on the Save icon in the top right corner of the chart window.

Dynamic Dashboards

Each of the eight dashboards has a minimum of three charts with a breakdown of different features and reports. Leverage includes charts related to the date projects were created; savings based on the use of machine translation, translation memory, and repetitions; and savings for individual clients or Vendors.

The charts are dynamic and adjustable—they can be arranged and resized as desired, and users can select and deselect options like language pairings, currencies, and time to create the desired report. Links of Linguist names and projects will open a new window with additional information.



Financial Reporting for Localization

Dashboards with revenue-based data will give Project and Translation Managers further insight into their costs and ROI for localization, as well as benchmark best practices.

Available dashboards to showcase financial reporting include Cost and Savings, Leverage, and Machine Translation. 


Costs and Savings: This section provides an overview of costs in selected price lists, currencies, and various cost breakdowns per language pairing, client, project, provider, and Automation Widget. Cost and Savings are only counted from projects where a Net Rate Scheme and Price List are set in the project's Financials settings.

Leverage: Here, you'll see the savings from the use of translation memories and machine translation. These are broken down by the date created, language pair, client, matches, repetitions, and more. Leverage is only counted from analyses with an applied Net Rate Scheme.

Machine Translation: This section shows the Savings from different Machine Translations connected to your account.

How to Work with the Home Page

You can add new Dashboards and/or Automation Widgets by clicking on the corresponding Add buttons:



The following categories of dashboards are available:


Jobs by Assigned Provider and Status

  • An overview of imported jobs and Providers (Linguists and Vendors) assigned to them

Jobs by Assigned Provider and Language Pair

  • Same as above, plus an additional breakdown by language pairs

Jobs by Domain and Assigned Provider

  • This requires that your projects have domains specified (For example, the types of text, such as legal, medical, IT, etc.)

Word count by Assigned Provider

  • Similar to "Jobs by Assigned Provider", but broken down by wordcounts
    • Deleted data is included in the word count
    • Only data from the first workflow step is used in the calculation of the word count


Jobs by Language Pair

  • Showing all jobs when imported

Jobs by Domain

  • Jobs from projects with a domain selected

Jobs by Status

  • Job status is shown only when the jobs in question are assigned to a Provider

Jobs by Client

  • Jobs from projects with a client selected

Jobs by File Extension

  • Showing all jobs when imported

Issues - jobs, project,

Overdue Jobs by Project

Overdue Jobs by Language Pair

Overdue Jobs by Workflow Step

  • Projects without workflow are displayed by the project title

Overdue Jobs by Assigned Provider


The Costs Dashboard only shows data from projects with a price list selected under Edit and clicking on Financials. The raw (total) number of words is counted.

Costs per Language Pair

Costs per Client

Costs per Project

Costs per Assigned Provider


The Savings Dashboard only shows data from projects with a price list and a net rate scheme selected under Edit and clicking on Financials.

Total Savings by Date Created

Savings per Language Pair

Savings Per Client

Savings per Project

Savings per Assigned Provider


This dashboard shows the values of repetitions and TM leverage based on project analyses

Leverage by Date Created

Leverage by Client

Detailed Leverage   

Leverage by Language Pair

Machine Translation

Jobs by Machine Translation Engine

  • MT needs to be selected in projects which have at least some jobs imported

Machine Translation Savings

  • Data is taken from post-editing analyses if available in the project. Also, a price list and a net rate scheme need to be selected under Edit and clicking on Financials.

Machine Translation Leverage

Automation Widget

Jobs by Automation Widget

  • Number of jobs created via AW

Jobs by Automation Widget and Status

Jobs by Automation Widget and Language Pair

Costs by Automation Widget

  • Showing pricing information calculated by the Widget

Jobs by Automation Widget and File Extension


Word Count by Date Created

Word Count by Language Pair

Word Count by Client

  • Jobs from projects with a client selected

Word Count by Domain

  • Jobs from projects with a domain selected


You can view details of the analytics by hovering your mouse over the specific field.



You can select the time period by clicking on the clock icon in the top right corner of each dashboard. 


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