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Costs & Quotes

Quotes are created from an analysis using a Net Rate Scheme (optional) and Price List (optional). Quotes can be edited, emailed to a Provider or a Submitter, exported in the Reporting, and viewed in the Homepage Dashboard.

Memsource offers two types of quotes:

  • Automatically Created Quotes
    This option is available in all paid editions. When using the Automation Widget, the pricing information set in the widget's Service via the Price List will be used to create a quote and will be displayed to Submitters before the job is actually submitted.
  • Manually Created Quotes
    Project Managers with Ultimate or Enterprise editions can manually create quotes in the project. Analysis must be generated before manually creating a quote. Quotes can not be created from an analysis generated by another organization.

Once the Submitter approves the price and submits the work, the quote is listed in the project, where the type always will be "Buyer" and the status will always be "Approved".

Creating Quotes

To create a quote, follow these steps: 

  1. In a project, click New in the Quotes panel.
    The New Quotes page opens.
  2. Provide a name for the quote.
    If left empty, the name will be Quote #1
  3. Select an analysis from the dropdown list.
  4. Select a provider from the dropdown list (Linguist or Vendor).
    The quote will be visible to the selected provider in their Memsource account and will be listed in the Quote Report results. If sharing is not required, leave this field empty.
  5. If required, select a Net rate scheme.
  6. If required, select a Price list.
  7. Click Next.
    The Currency and Unit page opens.
  8. If not specified by step 6, select a currency from the dropdown list.
  9. If not specified by step 6, select a unit type from the dropdown list.
  10. If not specified by step 6, provide a rate and minimum price.
  11. Click Next.
    Pricing information is presented.
  12. Click Save to save the quote or Save & Email to send it to the assigned Provider.

Editing Quotes

To edit a quote, click the pencil icon next to a selected quote on the Project page. 

Automation Widget Quotes (with the "Buyer" type), cannot be assigned to a Provider by editing.

Emailing Quotes

Project Managers can email quotes to either the assigned Provider (manual quote) or the Submitter (automatic quote) using the Email button in the Quotes section, the Save & Email button displayed during quote editing or the Save & Email button displayed when the quote was created.

Multiple quotes can be selected for emailing.

Emailing a Quote to a Submitter

When a Project Manager edits the price of the quote created through the Automation Widget, they should send an email notification to the Submitter using the Quote Updated email template with a link to the new quote. Once the email is sent, the quote's status is changed to For Approval.

The Submitter then can open the new quote and decide to Approve or Decline the new pricing information. Once the Submitter reacts to the new price, another email notification is sent to the Project Manager in charge, and the quote's status will change to either Approved or Declined

Viewing Quotes

Quotes can be viewed as a table or as a chart (by switching between the Tabular | Visual options). The chart can be printed or saved as an image using the context menu in the top right-hand corner.

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