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Shared Projects and Jobs


Sharing in Memsource primarily means sharing resources between separate organizations in Memsource. One organization creates a project and then shares the whole project or just some selected jobs with another organization.


In Memsource, a sharing is a connecting two cooperating organizations: a "Buyer" and a "Vendor". These are not fixed roles, and only determine the relationship. This means that for some projects, an organization can act as a Buyer, while for others it can act as a Vendor.

Sharing is available in all of our paid editions.


A Buyer is an organization with an account in Memsource that can assign projects to other organizations (vendors) in Memsource.

Organizations with the following editions can act as buyers:

  • Team
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise


A Vendor is an organization that can be assigned projects or jobs by other organizations (Buyers).

Organizations with the following editions can act as vendors:

  • Team Start
  • Team
  • Ultimate
  • Enterprise

Vendor Connection

A Buyer needs to establish the Vendor connection before sharing projects or jobs with them. The Vendor organization needs to provide its Vendor Token to the Buyer in order to set it up.

The Vendor Token is located at the top of the Vendor organization's Setup page in the Organization section of Memsource.

After receiving the token from the vendor, the buyer organization can go ahead and add the new vendor to their vendor list:

  • Go to Setup and click on Vendors in the Administration section. Then, click New.
  • Enter the Vendor token
  • You can also add a net rate scheme and price list (if applicable)
  • You can also set the Relevancy of this vendor (the Vendor will be offered as "Relevant" in the Providers list when sharing a project or jobs): source and target languages, clients, domains, subdomains, and Workflow.


Once the connection between Buyer and Vendor is established and your project and jobs are prepared, you can:

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