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The CAT Pane

The CAT Pane displays matches from translation memories, term bases, machine translation, and non-translatable matches for each segment. There are several categories that the segments can fall into:

  • 101% is an in-context translation memory match. It is greater than a 100% match since the context also matches what is saved in the TM.
  • 100% is an exact translation memory match.
  • 99% is a non-translatable match that Memsource has identified as content that probably does not require translation, but should be checked by a translator.
Note: If the Display non-translatables in Memsource Editor option is enabled, segments identified as non-translatable matches are displayed in the Memsource Editor's CAT Pane. When an NT match is hovered over, a tooltip will indicate whether the match is AI or rule-based. This information is also visible at the bottom of the CAT Pane when an NT match is selected.
  • 78% is a fuzzy translation memory match. (That is, anything below 100% is considered a fuzzy match.)
  • MT stands for machine translation. (This will only be shown if it was previously enabled by a Project Manager.)
  • TB is a suggested term from a term base.
  • S is a subsegment match. These are somewhat similar to terms from a TB, except that they are automatically generated from the translation memory.


In addition to what's noted above, there are some additional features you might see: 

  • An asterisk on a term notifies users that a Note or Usage Information is available.
  • The letters TB being greyed-out indicates a "New" term that has not yet been approved.
  • A term in red term indicates a rejected term that should not be used during translation.

The Search Pane

The Search Pane displays the results for search queries from the translation memory and the term base. The search can be launched by selecting some text in the source or target and hitting Ctrl+K for a fuzzy search or Ctrl+Shift+K for an exact search.

The QA Pane

The Quality Assurance Pane displays QA warnings for segments with potential problems. The QA warnings should be either resolved by correcting the translation and confirming it or by marking the QA warning as ignored (by clicking in the "i" column) if the QA warning is a false alarm. Here is a list of the available QA checks:

  • Empty translation
  • Trailing punctuation
  • Inconsistent translations
  • Missing numbers
  • Multiple spaces
  • Trailing spaces
  • Tags and formatting
  • Inconsistent tag content
  • Empty tag content
  • Tags—joined segments
  • No text between tags
  • XLIFF tags
  • Terminology
  • Unconfirmed segments
  • Unresolved comments
  • Maximum segment length in characters
  • Not-allowed characters

The Changes Pane

The Changes Pane displays changes in a segment across all Workflow steps. The Show Changes feature is only available for jobs with Workflow steps (Team, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions). If no changes are available or Workflow is not active for the given file, the Changes Pane will be blank. For more information, please see our article on how to Track Changes in Workflow Steps.

The More Pane

This pane allows translators to display translations in other target languages in the TM for the segment they are currently working on, in order to gain more context and increase consistency. Some things to note:

  • The best possible TM match (99% and higher) for the other target languages included in the project is shown.
  • The matches from The More Pane can be inserted into target segments in the same way as matches from the CAT Pane.
  • This pane is displayed only in projects with multiple target languages.

First, select which target languages should be displayed, and then click on Show matches.


The matches for different languages will be displayed if there are any 99% and higher matches saved in the TM. You can see the details of the segment, and you can insert the match into your target the same way you would in the CAT Pane.

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