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Internal Spellchecker

The Memsource Editor has an integrated spellchecker that supports many languages. In order to get the spellcheck service, the desktop editor must be online (a user must sign in). For more information, please check our detailed list of all Memsource languages and their spellchecker availability.

Note: The spellchecker only supports spelling checks, not grammar checks.


In order to launch the spellchecker, press the F7 key or click on Spellcheck in the Tools menu. All of the spelling errors will be displayed in the QA Pane. After correcting the misspelled word and confirming the segment, the user will be taken to the next segment with a misspelled word.  Alternatively, you can click directly on the segment in the CAT Pane to skip forward and backward through the text.

Any misspelled words will be underlined with a dotted red line. In order to view alternative spellings, hover your mouse over the red line. This will display a list of possible spellings as well as a red Add to Dictionary button at the bottom - this will add the word to your own Spellchecker User Dictionary. Click on the correct spelling to insert it into the text. If the underlined word is correctly spelled, click the button at the bottom to add it to your dictionary. 

Spellchecker User Dictionary

You can enhance the Spellchecker by adding your own list of correct words in XLSX format in Memsource Web / Linguist Portal or adding the words directly from the Memsource Editors.

  1. Sign in to Memsource Linguist Portal (Linguists) or to Memsource app (Project manager)
  2. Click on the Setup icon  
  3. Scroll down to User SettingsSpellchecker User Dictionary
  4. Import the XLSX file with the list of words you want to add.
    The following options are available:
    • Delete existing entries and then import
    • Add to the existing entries
  5. Export your customized list as an XLSX file.
  • The User Dictionary is unique for each user. Other users working on the same job will not have access to it.
  • Spellcheck QA works with the User Dictionary and can provide different results for different users.

Ignore a QA Warning

When you run a Quality Assurance check (see the QA Pane section in our Editor Panes article for more information), you can ignore a word without adding it to the dictionary by clicking in the "i" column of the QA pane. Doing this will show the misspelled word as "ignored" under QA, but the word itself will remain underlined in the target segment.

MS Word Spellchecker

Any translation job can also be spellchecked in an external application that supports DOCX files, such as MS Word or Open Office Writer:

  1. Go to the Memsource project with the translation job you plan to spellcheck. Select the job, click Download and select the Bilingual DOCX option.
  2. Open the bilingual DOCX file in, for example, MS Word, run the spellcheck, and do not forget to save the file afterward.
  3. Return to your project in Memsource, click on Tools, and select Upload... to upload the spellchecked bilingual file.
  4. After the upload, open your job in web editor and confirm all the segments that are not confirmed. You can do this by using the filter function at the top of your screen. Click on the arrow next to the Filter Source Text field and in the Segment Status section, select Not Confirmed.
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