Memsource Editor for Desktop

Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the Memsource Editor provides metadata related to word counts, user modifications, and the source file name.


  • Segments
    • Total number of segments/confirmed segments.
  • Words
    • Total source words/confirmed source words (For CJK languages with no space between words, the number of words will equal the number of characters excluding punctuation marks).
  • Chars
    • The first set of numbers is the total source characters/confirmed source characters. The second set is the character count for the source/target in the selected segment.

A detailed word count including 100% matches, fuzzy matches, etc., is provided by an analysis from within a project. For more information, see Analysis.

User Metadata

The right side of the status bar, displays some user metadata:

  • Segment created by/last modified by
  • Segment creation and last modification date/time 

Note: User information is displayed based on project settings.




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