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In order to search through the text in your document, enter the word or phrase you want to search for into the Text Filter fields. The Text Filter fields and the button to Clear these fields are circled in red in the image below and can be used to search the source or target language. You can use just one of the Text Filter fields or use them simultaneously.


Related options:

  • Quotation marks can be used to filter segments by an exact phrase.
  • The Clear button can be used to deactivate the filter(s).
  • Set the Filter settings by clicking on the button to the right of the Filter Target Text field. These settings include:
    • Case sensitive: Search results will match the exact case (uppercase/lowercase) of the search text. 
    • Source/Target: Search results will include source or target segments that match the search text, depending on which text field is used. This option is selected by default. (If it is deselected, the text in the segments will not be filtered.)
    • Context Key: Search results will include segments with Context Key text that matches the search text. 
    • Context Note: Search results will include segments with Context Note text that matches the search text.
    • Tags: Search the content of expanded tags (Tags that are not expanded will not be searched).
    • Use regexp: You can also search the content using a regular expression.

Any combination of the checkboxes can be selected/deselected depending on the search required, but if the Source/Target option is deselected, the text in the segments will not be included in the search.

Filtering or searching for non-breaking spaces is not possible. The only solution is to make them visible by clicking on Display Hidden Characters in the Format menu. After that, you will be able to see the non-breaking spaces in the text.

Filtering or searching for line breaks and replacing them with spaces, for example, is also not possible. The workaround for this would be to export the file as a Bilingual DOCX file, then use the find and replace feature on the line breaks in MS Word before importing the file back to Memsource.

To filter segments just by the context information, select only the checkboxes next to Context Key and Context Note

See the Context Information article to learn more about the Context Key and Context Note. 

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