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Auto-complete is available in the Memsource Editor. The auto-complete feature helps you type faster by offering you words from the right CAT Pane based on the characters you type. (The results come from TM segments and subsegments, MT, and the TB.)


If auto-complete is turned on, the list of words will be displayed automatically under the word you're typing. Press the Up and Down Arrows to select from the list. To add a selected word from the list to the target segment, press either Tab or Enter. (The first word will always be pre-selected.) Pressing the Esc key will hide the auto-complete window, and it will re-appear after you press any key.


A few items to note when using the auto-complete feature:

  • A maximum of 10 items are offered, and the list will get more precise with every new character typed.
  • This feature is not offered for non-space languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
  • Auto-complete can be turned off by going to Tools and clicking on Preferences. On the Misc tab, check the Auto-complete box.
  • The Preference settings in the Web Editor are saved in the opened web browser.
  • The Preference settings in the Desktop Editor are saved when closing and opening a new instance.
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