Memsource Editor for Web

Segment Sorting and Filters

Segment Filter

The Segment Filter section is expanded by clicking on the triangle icon at the top left of the Memsource Editor. By selecting any of the filter options, the appropriate segments are filtered. Multiple filter options can be combined, including the Text filter.

Segment Status

Click on the triangle next to Segment Status to expand the options. Select one or more of the options below to filter the segments with the desired status:

  • Empty
  • 1st Repetition
  • Rep. Exception
  • Confirmed
  • Not Confirmed
  • Edited
  • Not Edited
  • Locked
  • Not Locked
  • Resolved Comments
  • Not Resolved (refers to comments)
  • Pluralized
  • Not Pluralized

Pretranslated From

These options will filter segments based on their initial pre-translation method:

  • 101%
  • 100%
  • 99%
  • Fuzzy
  • TM (Translation Memory)
  • NT (Non-translatable)
  • MT (Machine Translation)

Created By / Modified By / Show Changes

These options filter segments based on which user created them or last modified them. This is also where you'll track changes between workflow steps:

  • Segments Created By
  • Segments Last Modified By
  • Comments Created By
  • Comments Last Modified By
  • Show Changes

Segment Sorting

Select one of the options below to sort segments:

  • No Sort
  • Source A to Z (to sort segments from A to Z in the source language)
  • Source Z to A (to sort segments from Z to A in the source language)
  • Shortest First
  • Longest First
  • Least Repetitions
  • Most Repetitions
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