Memsource Editor for Web

Introduction to Memsource Editor for the Web

The Memsource Editor for the web is our completely web-based translator's workbench. It is available to all Memsource subscribers. No installation or any other special PC settings are needed, and it can also be used on tablets. Unlike the Memsource Editor for your desktop, it cannot be used when a user is offline. If your Internet connection is not stable and fast, please use the desktop editor instead. Using the Memsource Editor for the web is recommended for smaller jobs of up to 10,000 segments (40,000 segments is the limit).

Please see the Getting Started Guide for Linguists for more information.

Be sure to also check the Memsource Editor for desktop use section for more general information about the Memsource Editor.


Note: In some projects or organizations, the Linguists' or Vendors' access to the Memsource Editor for the web might be restricted. This access can be granted in the individual projects by a Project Manager. To do this, click on the project, and select Edit in the top right corner. Scroll down to the Settings section, open the Access and Security section, and check the Web Editor enabled for linguists box.

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