Memsource REST API

API Limits for Editions

A Memsource API is required to integrate Memsource with any 3rd-party software. Full API functionality is available to all paying customers (this excludes the free Personal edition) but there are daily limits on API calls for the Team Start and Team editions. The Ultimate and Enterprise editions have unlimited daily API calls.  

Note: These limits apply to both the Memsource REST API and Memsource Legacy API. 

Edition Max. Daily API Calls
Ultimate & Enterprise No limit
Team 2000
Team Start 1000
Personal 0

How API Calls are Counted

Please note that an API request can be mapped to multiple API calls in Memsource and in such a case each of these calls is counted separately. If, for example, a request uses up 5 API calls, an organization subscribed to the Team edition can submit such requests 400 times a day before reaching the limit (400*5=2000). 

Exceeded Limit

The limits are checked every 30 minutes and reset at 0:00 GMT. The API response when the limit is exceeded is ApiLimitReached. Once the limit of the API calls has been reached, no further calls will be accepted by the system. Users can create an email notification when 80% or 100% of the limit is reached by going to Setup in the UI and clicking on API statistics in the Integrations section.

Actions Consisting of Multiple Calls

The system will only accept calls received before the daily limit was exceeded.
For example, an organization uses 5 calls to perform a certain action and the completed action would have used 2002 calls. If such a situation occurs, the system will only accept the 2000th call and the action would remain uncompleted.

Which Edition to Choose with a 3rd-party Integration?

If you require integration between Memsource and a 3rd-party system such as XTRF, Plunet or another similar system via the APIs, you need to take into account the daily limit on API calls of the edition you use. The limit might be exceeded in the middle of a workday and no further calls will be accepted by Memsource. If you think the daily call limit of the edition you use if insufficient, you might choose to upgrade to the Ultimate edition which has unlimited daily API calls. 

What is Not Counted Towards API Limits?

Some of the components of Memsource directly use APIs, but these are integral parts of the system and are not counted towards these limits. These include:

  • Memsource Editor
  • Memsource Mobile App
  • Connectors


For an overview of the Memsource REST API, see this introductory article.

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