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Tracking Changes in the Memsource Editor

There are several features that help users track changes in Memsource:

The Track Changes Filter

One of the filter options in the Memsource Editor makes it possible to display segments that were changed between your current workflow step and the previous ones. This feature is called Show Changes and is found by expanding the filters under the Filter Source Text field and then expanding the Created By / Modified By / Show Changes section.

The Changes Panel

The Changes Panel at the bottom right displays all translation versions that are available in the other workflow steps. To override the existing translation with another version, simply double-click on the translation version that you prefer in the Changes Panel.

Track Changes in MS Word

If you prefer the more traditional MS Word compare/track changes feature, this is also available. Convert MXLIFF files into bilingual DOCX files, compare them, and after making any edits and saving the files, reimport them back to Memsource. 

The Compare Analysis

The "compare" type of analysis is available in projects with workflow steps. To launch it, select a job in a project, click on the Analyze button and select the "Compare" type of analysis before launching it. This will compare the amount of changes between files in your and another workflow step that you have selected. 

Changes Between MT Output and Target

When a user selects a machine translation (MT) entry in the CAT Panel, changes between the initial MT output and the final, post-edited translation are displayed for confirmed segments.

Export Workflow Changes

In addition to the way you can track changes in the Memsource Editor, you can also view changes in a report that you can generate by going to the project's page. Select the job you want, click on Tools, and select Export Workflow Changes.

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