Tips and Tricks

In-Context Preview

The In-context Preview feature offers a real-time preview of original or translated text directly in the Memsource Editor and is available in all Memsource editions.

In-context Preview in Memsource Editor

The Memsource Editor supports real-time, in-context previews for the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel (including Multilingual files)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • HTML
  • XML with style sheets (including Multilingual files)
  • RTF
  • DITA
  • Markdown
  • IDML (Beta version)

Please note that while tables, columns, various graphics, formatting, and fonts are supported, the feature is meant to provide context when translating, not a perfect representation of the original or completed document in all respects (i.e. there might be some visual differences).

If the preview can not be generated (the file type is not supported or the limits for the preview were exceeded), the following notification will appear: "In-context preview was not generated". If this happens, you can download a preview of the translated file by going to the Document menu and clicking Preview Translation.

Setup in Editors

The In-Context Preview can be found by clicking on Tools and selecting Preview in the Memsource Editor menu bar. From here, users have the option to activate or deactivate the preview window. There is also the option of viewing either the source text (showing the original, unchanged text while translating) or the target text.


The window can be resized and rearranged like all panels/tabs in the Memsource Editor. If the target segment in the translation grid is empty, the target preview will show the original text. However, as soon as editing starts, it is shown in the target preview, which reflects any changes made in the translated segments on a real-time basis.

Using the In-context Preview While Translating

Users can navigate from the translation grid to the preview window and vice versa. When a user clicks on a segment to be translated, the respective text in the preview window is highlighted, showing the position of the translated segment within the document. Similarly, when a user clicks on text within the preview, the translation grid jumps to the corresponding segment to be edited straight away. The preview also helps while running the QA—if a user clicks on a warning, it navigates them to the position within the document.
It is possible to zoom in and out using the + and the - buttons in the preview window or CTRL+mouse wheel with the mouse over the previewed content.


In-context Preview in Memsource Editor for Web

The in-context preview in the web browser might be affected by the fact that the Editor has only a portion of segments loaded at a given time. Skipping large portions of segments can lead to an incomplete preview.  Generally, scrolling through the translation table and thus loading segments from the beginning of a major section (e.g. a chapter) or ultimately from the beginning of the job, should improve the preview.

Preview for InDesign Files

Currently, Memsource offers a beta version of a live in-context preview for InDesign files, however, the feature is still in development. The preview now supports all in-context preview functions (source and target preview, real-time changes, navigating from the translation table to the preview window and the other way round, and zoom) and it supports a wide range of InDesign components. More components will be added on a continuous basis in the future.

Please note:  

  1. INDD files imported into Memsource are automatically converted to IDML. 
  2. Images are not displayed when importing an INDD file (images are lost in the conversion to IDML) or IDML file without embedded images (images are lost in the import).
  3. Images are displayed for imported IDML files with embedded images.
  4. The maximum size for any image is 500 KB, and the total size for all images must be 10 MB or less.

Static Preview as PDF

It is possible to Preview PDFs of your IDML files in Memsource Editor, but only with Frontlab Integration. This is not a live in-context preview, but thanks to this feature, users are able to generate a PDF-based preview of translated IDML or INDD files. In order to generate the preview, navigate to Document in your Memsource Editor, then Preview Translation.

While for all other formats this functionality will generate the preview file in its original format, if the document under translation is an IDML or INDD file, Memsource will generate and open a PDF preview.