Memsource Editor for Desktop

Installing the Desktop Editor on a Mac or Ubuntu

Mac OS X 10.8 and Higher

Starting with OS X 10.8, Apple has introduced a new security policy enforced on Mac OS X called Gatekeeper. To allow installation of Memsource Editor on your Mac, go to System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and choose Allow applications downloaded from anywhere.

Alternatively, you can also use the "right" button on your mouse instead of trying to open up the application by double-clicking. Select Open in the Context menu, then confirm that you really want to open the application.



Please open Terminal and run these commands:

  • For Ubuntu 12.04
    cd <directory_where_you_downloaded_the_installer_file>
    (usually it is 'cd ~/Downloads')
    chmod a+x
  • For Ubuntu 14.04
    chmod a+x
  • For Ubuntu 16.04, 17.04, 17.10
    Download the file and then right-click on it. Click on Properties, then on the Permissions tab. Tick the Execute box (Allow Executing File as Program) and the software installer will pop up for you to complete the installation.

  • For Ubuntu 18.04
    sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa:i386
    sudo apt-get install libxkbcommon-x11-0:i386


To start the application run ''.

Memsource Editor is a 64bit application, but the installer itself is a 32bit application.
Most of the time. this doesn't cause any difficulties, but if you are experiencing any, try to install the 32bit system libraries on the Ubuntu as described on Ask Ubuntu.


Note: The 32bit version of Ubuntu 14.04 is not supported by Memsource. Only 64bit versions are supported.


Sometimes Ubuntu (when playing with KDE) has installed libraries that are incompatible with the libraries needed for Memsource Editor. The solution is to download these libraries (te-lib.tar.gz) and extract the files into the "lib" directory of the Memsource installation on Ubuntu.

Note: The Ubuntu version 10.04 desktop edition has stopped being officially supported by Canonical and therefore is no longer supported by Memsource either.




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