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Confirming Segments

In order for a Linguist to set a job to Complete, every segment in that job has to be confirmed (unless locked by the Project Manager). Here are few tips about confirming segments in Memsource Editor:

  • A segment can be confirmed by either clicking on the Confirm button in the Edit menu or by using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Enter.

  • Multiple segments can be selected at once. To do this, select the row number of a segment, press Ctrl, and click on the other rows you want to select. You can then confirm them in a batch via Ctrl+Enter as noted above.
  • To select multiple rows together (rows 1—10, for example) click on the first row you want to select. Then press Shift and select the last row in your range.
  • All segments in a job can be selected at once (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A) and confirmed in a batch. Please note that selecting and confirming all segments in a large job might take a moment in the Web Editor.
  • Confirmed or unconfirmed segments can also be filtered, selected (by clicking on one of the segments and pressing Ctrl+Shift+A), and confirmed or unconfirmed in a batch.

  • A segment can be set to unconfirmed by editing its target content, by selecting Unconfirm Segment from the Edit menu, or with the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
    Note that Linguist can always come back to the confirmed segments, edit the translation (segment will be automatically unconfirmed) and then confirm again.
  • Linguists can (and always should) run a QA check. This will warn them about possible issues, including unconfirmed segments.

  • Linguists can decide what should happen after the segment is confirmed by going to Tools and clicking Preferences (e.g. if the Next unconfirmed segment is selected, the cursor will automatically jump to the next unconfirmed segment after confirming a segment).


For more information, please read about saving segments to a translation memory.

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