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Web Editor Troubleshooting

In this article, you can find solutions or workarounds for some potential issues that we have identified.

Issues with Arabic Characters

Older versions of Chrome and Safari don't support the proper rendering of Arabic characters. You can try the new version of Chrome or Safari or you can switch to Mozilla Firefox, where it works correctly. Selecting the text is also problematic sometimes. Unfortunately, we are not able to change this behavior. If you are experiencing problems, try using the Desktop Editor instead.

Problems with Burmese Font

Windows 10 finally supports the Burmese language. Unfortunately, older versions (8.1 and lower) don't fully support Burmese, and it is causing trouble. Three fonts are generally used for Burmese:

  • Myanmar text - This is the default for Windows but is not working properly.
  • Zawgyi-One - Free for download, and it works better than Myanmar text.
  • Myanmar3 - This is probably the best, but it is a paid application (font and keyboard), and it is difficult to install.

The best chance (apart from upgrading to Windows 10) is to use the Zawgyi-One font and keyboard. However, the alternative ways are still quite problematic, so upgrading to Windows 10 is the best option.


If you decide to use Zawgyi-One, there are two ways to translate to Burmese:

  • You can translate it in the Web Editor using Chrome (for Windows 8 and higher). In order to do this, Zawgyi-One must be set in Chrome as the default font. Then, the user can translate in Memsource Editor using all its online features. However, the rendering of Zawgyi-One is not perfect, and reading the text may be difficult sometimes.
  • The other way to translate into Burmese is to download the Bilingual Docx and translate it in Word using the Zawgyi-One font. However, using this method, the Linguist will not be able to use online features such as the translation memory, QA checks, or term bases.


Important: PowerPoint does not allow users to change fonts in files that have already been translated into Burmese. Instead, you will need to open the original in PowerPoint, change the font to Zawgyi-One, save it, and then import it to Memsource as a New Job. The completed file will then have the correct font.

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