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By using the Submitter role, it is possible to create customized Client Portals for internal or external customers. The section below describes the steps necessary to create a Client Portal and provide access to your clients. It also gives information on how to use the Portal in general. For additional information about this feature, please see the dedicated article on our blog: Client Portals: A New Customer-focused Solution.

Creating the Client Portal

  1. Before creating the Client Portal, the first thing you'll need to do is create one or more Automation Widgets that will be assigned to it.
  2. Since Client Portals are created for Submitters, you'll need to create one or more Submitters. To do this, click on New in the Users section.
  3. Fill in all the necessary information for your user (e.g. contact information, username, password, etc.).
  4. In the Role section, you can select Submitter from the dropdown list. Once you have all the user's information and the role entered, click on Create.
  5. On the next page, you'll see the Automation Widgets section. This section allows you to select those Automation Widgets your Submitter should have access to. Please note that at least one Automation Widget needs to be selected.

Note: By using the Email Login option (under Users), you can directly email login credentials to the email address selected for your Submitter.

Customizing the Client Portal

In the Home Page section, the pre-selected Automation Widgets will be available to the Submitter. This section also contains a set of pre-defined Analytics Dashboards from which Submitters can select the information that is important for them.

By selecting or deselecting the Automation Widgets and Dashboards, Submitters can customize the Client Portal assigned to them. Submitters can also set the language of the UI, the time zone, and set up 2-factor authentication by going to Setup.

Using the Client Portal

When a Submitter needs to order a translation, they will access the Automation Widgets available in the Home Page. These Automation Widgets will provide all the options set by the organization who created the Client Portal.

By choosing from the available options, the Submitter can order any specific Service (Express Translation, Standard Translation, etc.) that was defined by the organization. The Automation Widget can also generate a quote (if set up accordingly).

Clicking the Submit button will initiate the project within the organization that created the Client Portal. It will also provide a summary to the Submitter.

All assignments submitted this way will also be grouped in the Projects section. This section provides an overview of the status of each of these projects. Each of the Projects can then be opened to access a more detailed breakdown.

When the project's status is set to "Completed" (either by the Project manager or by "Project Status Automation"), a link to download the Completed files will appear in the respective Project.

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