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Error Messages in Memsource

Errors can be displayed directly on the page, either as alert windows or as red exclamation marks that you can hover your mouse over to see more information. Unlike warnings, errors will prevent users from continuing their work and need to be addressed accordingly. Here are some of the most common errors and how to fix them:
  • INVALID_REQUEST: The input file cannot be processed.
    This is a general error informing you that there was a problem while importing the file into Memsource. If the error is displayed, the reason for the failed import is not known and may only be temporary. Please try importing the file again after a short period of time. If you're importing multiple files at once and only some of them are processed (with the rest returning the error despite the similarity of all the files), most probably it is a temporary problem our technicians are already working on. However, please contact Memsource Support and enclose the documents you were trying to import, your username, and the URL link to the project in question.
  • INVALID_REQUEST: Cannot process document which has cells merged across rows! See row # - The file may not be of the selected type (BILING_XLS).
    This error is displayed if you are importing a Multilingual Excel document with merged cells in any of the columns designated for translation.
  • Preceding workflow step not completed.
    Linguists and Vendors can see this message if the project's settings don't allow them to work on the job unless the previous step is completed. If the file in previous step was split into multiple jobs, all jobs must be completed.
  • Unable to set job to Completed: Failed. Unresolved QA warnings.
    In some projects (based on their settings), the Linguist or Vendor must run a Quality Assurance check in the Editor and fix all the problems before they can set the job to "Completed".
  • Unable to download Completed file - server error occurred.
    Memsource always checks the integrity of the source file when uploaded to a project. In the absolute majority of cases, you will get this error because there are some formatting problems in your translation, such as missing or misplaced tags. Please run a QA check in your file and resolve all issues relating to tags and formatting.
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