Project Template

A Project Template is a powerful tool for automating project creation. It can help you set up repetitive projects for your regular clients, projects shared with Vendors, or projects created with the Automation Widget. It will both speed up your process and reduce the risk of human error.

Creating a Project Template

Any project can be saved as a template by clicking on the Save As button and then Save as a Template, located on the Project Detail page:


The following settings can be saved/edited in a Project Template:

  • Basic project information
  • Owner (the person who will "own" the project and project template)
  • Project languages (can also be set as empty)
  • Project TMs and TBs
  • Project settings
    • Machine Translation
    • Analysis
    • Pre-translation
    • Project Status Automation
    • Quality Assurance
    • Access and Security
    • Spellchecker
    • File Renaming
    • Workflow
    • Preferred Providers for each target language and workflow step
      Note: Linguists are not saved from the project; they have to be added manually to the template.
  • File import settings
    • Note that customized file import settings will not overwrite the settings of the project. When adding new files into a project, the default file import settings of the project template will be used. If the file needs to be imported in the same way the previous file was imported (with customized import settings), you either need to set these up for this specific file, or re-use any previously created import settings via the Create a new job with the same file import settings option on the project's page.

Based on the original project, the following features will be automatically set and are not editable:

  • Sharing the project with a Vendor
  • Reference files

Managing Project Templates

Any existing Project Template can be edited or deleted by clicking on the Setup icon in the top right corner, scrolling down to Automation, and clicking on Project Templates.

Access to Project Templates can be restricted in the User settings.

Project Templates can be listed, sorted out, and filtered. A list of columns can be customized by clicking on the 'list' icon on the right-hand side of the first row. Then click Settings and Customize.

Using the Project Template

To create a new project from the Project Template, click on Create new project and select the Project Template from the drop list in Use Template.