What are Memsource Project Dashboards?

Project Dashboards in Memsource provide a comprehensive overview of the progress of a project. They also provide useful information to the Project Managers and inform them about possible problems.

The dashboards contain color-coded progress bars that show the completion, progress, and possible severity of issues. 

Overall Progress

At the top of the dashboard is a progress bar that shows the overall progress of the project across the entire workflow. It also has a counter that provides the total number of issues in the project.

Hovering over the progress bar displays a tooltip with a more detailed breakdown of the project. This tooltip gives an overview of how many jobs have already been Accepted, Completed, or Not Accepted.

This lets Project Managers log into the individual projects at the beginning of the day and easily identify possible issues based on the color coding of the Overall Progress bar. After receiving the simple overview, they can then move further down to view the individual progress of each language in the project, and address issues that may have been displayed.

Individual Progress

The second section contains a breakdown of the project based on the number of workflow steps and language pairs. Each of these sections contains a progress bar displaying the progress of that specific workflow step and language combination, as well as indicators of possible issues.

Unlike the Overall Progress section, issues in these bars are not only indicated by color, but also by a box that can be used to access the individual issues for a given sub-section. The box can also be expanded to expose a "filter" option, listing the issues for that given step. In the screenshot below, for example, the small red box on the left that reads "3 issues" can be clicked to expand it as shown with the box on the right. Clicking on the name of the issue in the box will automatically filter the jobs in the project based on the given criteria. Clicking on Overdue, for example, will automatically filter the jobs in the translation step that are currently overdue.

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